User Management Screen Problems

I’ve been in the process of auditing my user permissions, which is a daunting task when you administer a larger user base. I’ll elaborate on the entire project later.

One glaring omission I’d like to mention is the inability to customize the User Management (USER) screen. FastForms excludes it, and Form Customizer throws a red box error when trying to extend it. The USER screen doesn’t contain any User Defined fields.

The reason I mention this is the USER screen needs a control to save the user’s department such as sales, production, etc. I want to evaluate user’s permissions per department so I can verify that my salespeople cannot edit shippers and vice versa.

I could do this manually with Visual FoxPro and VBA, but I think it’s too much trouble.

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  • I think it would certainly be a pain to do it in VBA, and likely time consuming, but once you had it in place it would be reusable and potentially save you time in the long run.

    Whether or not it would be worth the time and effort would depend on how frequently you need to verify permissions and/or how often they are updated.

    It would also be a fairly easy tool, especially in VBA, that you could send around to other admins working with M2M as well to save them the time and effort of doing it themselves. I know from talking to people at the conference last year that there were some companies whose admins knew very little in the way of programming or were too small to employ additional IT members who could take the time to do this in addition to their regular responsibilities. Sell it, give it away, whichever method you take I think a lot of people could benefit from it.

    After I finish the projects I’m working on right now I might look into making a VBA version myself that we can pass around. I don’t know offhand where all of the user permissions are stored, but if I can find all of that out then I might be able to get something thrown together before too long.

  • Andrew

    @Jason: If I’m not mistaken the problem is that the user screen data is in foxpro tables.

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