Twitter Improves My Writing

Twitter improves my writing because it forces brevity and promotes vocabulary with only 140 chars, Inspires creativity for re-tweets
(Actual Tweet)

Previously, I mentioned that I had joined Twitter reluctantly. I thought of Twitter as merely a recreational outlet, but it has increased my productivity and learning. In my relatively short time with it, I’ve learned about free SQL related resources as well as soft skills such as time management and giving better presentations.

To my surprise, Twitter has made me a better writer for the reasons in the above tweet. I have always been a decent writer, but Twitter has shown me that I’m excessively wordy. Often I begin a tweet and then spend a minute condensing my thoughts and words to fit into the 140-character (or less if you want to be re-tweeted) limit. This exercise has actually changed my mindset and I find that I’m not only writing that way in other outlets such as this blog, but even thinking that way in general.

Twitter encourages the user to increase their vocabulary to substitute expressive words that convey deeper meaning while decreasing character count. Previously, I was verbose, diffuse, and loquacious without adding actual content.

Tweeting also encourages creativity and humor. If others find what your tweets interesting or funny they will rebroadcast them and this can result in more followers. Like nearly everyone, I want to be heard and therefore I write better.

I encourage everyone to give Twitter a try; you may realize similar benefits. I am Made2Mentor on Twitter if you’d like to follow me.

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  • See there? Becoming a tweep wasn’t so hard, was it?

    I found much the same when I signed up as well. There is a lot of free information out there and people who are eager to share it with you. And finding challenging ways to fit your full message into 140 characters keeps you on your toes.


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