Psst. Buy SQL Server MVP Deep Dives

I haven’t really ever asked my readership (all 3 of you) to do anything, but I’d like to do so now. Buy SQL Server MVP Deep Dives, a book about most aspects of SQL Server written entirely by Microsoft MVPs. From their site:

QL Server MVP Deep Dives brings together the world’s most highly-regarded SQL Server experts to create a masterful collection of tips, techniques, and experience-driven best practices for SQL Server development and administration. These SQL Server MVPs—53 in all—each selected a topic of great interest to them, and in this unique book, they share their knowledge and passion with you.

SQL Server MVP Deep Dives is organized into five parts: Design and Architecture, Development, Administration, Performance Tuning and Optimization, and Business Intelligence. Within each part, you’ll find a collection of brilliantly concise and focused chapters that take on key topics like mobile data strategies, Dynamic Management Views, or query performance. The range of subjects covered is comprehensive, from database design tips to data profiling strategies for BI.

Sounds great, huh? Wait, there’s more. All of the authors have signed over their royalty rights to War Child International, an organization that helps children affected by war.

How can you beat that? You learn a ton about SQL Server, and donate to make the world a better place at the same time. I bought my copy yesterday. 🙂

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