Transaction Posting Problems (TRTR)

TRTR Error Message
I received a question from a reader recently saying that his accounting person could not post transactions in M2M. They received the error message shown on the left.

Since he is no longer on M2M support, he could not close his current month and did not have a lot of time to try to figure it out.

Anyway, the answer is simple and if you are on support, you can read this article in the knowledge base. When the transaction posting process starts, it creates a file in your M2MDataXX directory called TRTR.LOG. It does so to keep multiple users from attempting to use the screen at the same time.

When the Post Transactions to GL screen is closed, M2M automatically deletes the file. However, if your user does not have deletion rights to the M2MDataXX directory or they force M2M to close by pressing CTRL-ALT-DELETE the file remains. The next time the screen attempts to open, you receive this error.

Incidentally, the fact that users must have all rights to the M2MDataXX directory is a bad breach of security anyway. Your users can delete anything they wish in that folder. I wish M2M would address that. Also, it would be nice if that M2M error window would give you the ability to fix the issue from directly within M2M.

Anyway, if you are sure that nobody is in that screen, then you can safely delete the TRTR.LOG file to clear the error and post transactions normally.

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