Multiple Bill To Addresses

I had a pleasant surprise today. I called M2M Support to request another change request to allow multiple bill to addresses for customers. Currently, as of Version 5.6, each customer could only have one bill to address. However, this creates problems when selling to very large companies. Typically, you end up with 10 different customer numbers for Acme Rockets and it makes it difficult to find sales orders, invoices, and such.

Anyway, as with the last article that functionality has been added to Version 6.0.

2 comments to Multiple Bill To Addresses

  • Nice! This is one of the things that is constantly brought up in meetings, so it’s good to see it finally being brought to a close.

  • John

    We are running 6.0. There is a problem with the Bill to Address. Once you add a new bill to address and say you delete the old one. It will pull the address from the customer master screen and ignore the bill to address. There is a pending CR for this though. SP4. Who knows when that will be out.

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