M2M Searching Does Not Work With Zip Codes

I thought I would share this just because it’s interesting. M2M zip code fields do not search consistently because the textbox will not allow an asterix. For example, if you want to search for the following companies on the Customer screen (CUST):

Cust No	Company		        Zip
111111	Acme Inc  		90210
222222	Acme Rockets		90210-5678
333333	Acme			90217

If you enter “Acme” into the company name field and hit search, the screen will skip the search grid and display record 333333 because you have an exact match. However, if you search for “Acm” or “Acme*”, the search grid will show all four of these companies because none of these match exactly. If you search for zip “90210” only record 111111 will show up. Since you cannot enter an asterisk, the only way to search for zip variations is to leave the zip unfinished and ignore the extra records. It’s not earth shattering, but I entered a change request regardless.

Have any of you found other situations like this?

2 comments to M2M Searching Does Not Work With Zip Codes

  • Wow, that blows. Ouch. Great way of illustrating the problem though.

  • Traci

    It is most likely related to how VFP works. For example, the statement fcompany = ‘Acme’ will return all results. The statement fcompany == ‘Acme’ will return only Acme cust 111111. One equal sign is similar to a LIKE command. Two equal signs is an EXACT EQUAL. One other option is the $ command that will search for text inside a string. Depending on how the programmer wrote the statment variations may occur.

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