Who Wrote This Crap?

George Carlin

“Did you ever notice that other peoples stuff is crap, but your crap is Stuff?” George Carlin

Last year I came across an article with the same title on Jeff Atwood’s “The Coding Horror.”

Whether I am looking at Made2Manage or another vendor’s code or code created by a previous employee that I’ve been asked to review and refactor- I’ve certainly had this feeling. We all have.

It is indeed a knee-jerk response to dislike code written by another person; however, this is not really what I’m writing about.

Over the past two years, I have really thrown myself into learning SQL Server in general. More specifically, I have focused on writing better SQL code. While looking through some code about six months ago, I again had the same question flash through my mind: “Ugh, who wrote this crap?” It wasn’t aliased or optimized and was very difficult to read.

Then it hit me! The culprit was…. ME. I wrote that code the previous year. It struck me just how far I have come in my SQL development, and I immediately refactored it. The same thing has happened several times since then.

I suspect (or at least hope) the rest of my professional life will be filled with moments like this- realizations of just how far I have come along with the knowledge that I always have a lot more to learn.

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