VBA Rants

Can someone please tell me why, after all these years, VBA is still a manually installed application?

To the best of my knowledge, they’ve offered VBA for nearly 10 years. Yet I still have to manually install VBA on every single computer which runs M2M. To make things worse, the instructions for installing it aren’t very helpful either.

If you search for “Install VBA” on M2MExpert, you will find the instructions. However, when you get to the third step you receive the following:

Copy the entire VBA folder files and sub-folders from the install CD to your local drive’s DTK sub-folder within the Made2Manage program folder.

You will be replacing the files and sub-folders within but not including the VBA parent folder from the CD’s VBA folder into the DTK root folder. Opt Yes to overwrite.

The Made2Manage program folder is where your shortcut points, which shows in the properties of the program icon. Alternatively, from the windows Start Bar, click the find files or folders menu option and search for the m2m.exe file. Within this program folder will be the DTK folder to designate as the target folder.

Example: c:\program files\made2manage\dtk

The source folder from the CD is the contents of the VBA CD folder, not including the actual VBA parent folder.

At the conclusion of the copy you will have the same local DTK folder (c:\program files\made2manage\dtk) with a set of files and folders under it which does not include a VBA sub-folder, just the contents of the CD VBA folder. E.g., c:\program files\made2manage\dtk\vba will not exist after the copy, but 7 other folders will exist, including c:\program files\made2manage\dtk\cc.

What exactly does that mean? On a few occasions, I’ve wasted quite a bit of time with tech support trying to decipher it. Incidentally, the contents of the VBA folder must be copied but not the actual folder into the DTK subfolder.

Let’s jump to step 6 for a moment.

6. Copy the M2VInterface.exe from the DTK sub-folder to the windows system folder.

a. The system folder is specific to your operating system. It will usually be either c:\windows\system32 or c:\windows\system.

b. If you have both the system and system32 folders, check to see if the m2vinterface is already in one. If so, that is the one to replace.

c. If the m2vinterface file is in both system and system32, delete one occurrence and replace the other with that of the DTK folder.

d. If the m2vinterface isn’t in either, copy it to the system32 sub-folder.

7. Double click the newly placed m2vinterface.exe file.

a. The double click should be done within the target windows system folder to which the m2vinterface was copied.

b. Nothing will appear to happen which is the correct result.

c. Double clicking the m2vinterface file will self register it.

Is it too difficult to create a message box to indicate that the file ran? Most of the time, I activate it multiple times just to be sure. Also, I have never encountered a machine where I had to copy m2vinterface.exe into the system folder; it has always been the system32 folder.

Dear reader, you might think that I’m being overly critical. However, the irritation builds when you have 100 computers to manage, and you have to run through this list of steps over and over again.

The install process for FastForms is manual as well, but mercifully short.

Isn’t it about time that Consona released an installer for VBA?

6 comments to VBA Rants

  • scott

    While I agree that there should be a much easier way to instal VBA, I would much rather have VBA work correctly even if it is a pain.

    It may be frustrating installing VBA on so many machines but atleast it works. Planning out and writing code only to find out M2M didn’t bother to create the event for the form is much more of an agervation to me.

  • Fred Crawford

    You forgot to mention that you also need to make sure that you have the current/most up to date m2vinterface file.

  • Dennis Boyle

    On a side note, and correct me if I’m wrong, but nowhere is it mentioned that when you get out of M2M and get back in, that the m2vevents.prj file from the network is copied over the one in your C drive/DTK file. After much head-scratching I figured this out, then I asked support and they didn’t know! And the VBA instructor never mentioned it either. This was a few years ago though. Maybe it has changed.

  • scott

    To give M2M credit. I took thier VBA class and the instructor mentioned the copy issue.

  • sitka

    Here is what I found in a text file called “Install the M2M Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Component for VB.txt” in our m2m shared directory

    Copy from X:\m2mdata to Program Files\M2MWin (or wherever m2m.exe is located)

    copy m2mole.exe from X:\m2mdata to C:\WINDOWS\system32 and double click (nothing will

    Start M2M look in task manager application there should be a M2MInterface application as well as M2M running

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