The Shipping Screen Needs Another Status

The correct process of dealing with a bad shipper in M2M is to edit it and zero out all the quantities shipped.

Some of the reasons a shipper may be bad include:

  • Someone may have run a shipper based on the wrong sales order, shipped the wrong line item, or released from the correct sales order.
  • A customer may request a last minute change in ship date or product configuration after the shipper has been run.

For good reason, shippers cannot be deleted- just as you cannot delete a sales order that has already been opened. However, most other documents have an additional status when a document is incorrect. For example, sales orders can be canceled, and invoices are voided.

This is confusing, because a zero shipper has no value at all, yet it still looks like a valid shipping document. Also, it is difficult when searching shippers to determine which of them has been zeroed out from the search window. There is often more than one valid shipper per sales order anyway; consequently, the user usually must open each of them individually to determine which are valid and which have been zeroed out. This is a waste of time.

Therefore, I think it’s important that in a future release a voided or canceled status be added to the Shipping screen.

I created change request number 165407 for this. I love how they designated it as an enhancement.

What do you folks think?

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