That FastForms Bug? Yeah, It’s a Feature!

In a previous article, I mentioned that FastForms has a bug wherein it modifies all of the Made2Manage SQL databases- not just the one you intended to customize. It does so even if you indicate that you only want to modify a single database. However, while editing a M2M report to pull in FastForms fields, I realized that I was incorrect.

This isn’t a bug; it’s by design. Since M2M uses the same reports for all companies on the same server, if you modified the SQL database of one company with FastForms, but not the others, then custom reports would throw red box errors on the non-customized companies. Therefore, it makes sense that FastForms customizes all the SQL databases on the server with the same tables and fields; they are simply blank and unused in the other companies.

It is worth noting; however, that if you intend to consolidate companies (for example if your company purchases another company which uses M2M) then reporting issues are likely with Fastforms modified databases.

Another issue with adding FastForms fields to an existing M2M report is that you cannot add them via the Data Environment in the report layout. In many M2M reports, standard M2M tables can be added this way, but not FastForms. It’s frustrating because many M2M reports have ridiculously long and convoluted program files with upwards of 7 cursors and such. It would be much easier to simply add them into the layout.

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