Consona Connect 2009 is Cancelled.

Since not everyone who reads this blog is on M2M’s email distribution list, I thought I would share this with you. Last week I received an e-mail which was as follows:

Dear David,

As a result of speaking with many customers regarding their current
budget limitations, we regret to announce our decision to cancel this
year’s customer conference scheduled for October 4-7 at the Rosen
Shingle Creek Center in Orlando, Fla.

We understand that the economy is affecting all businesses, and that
it’s hard to justify any training opportunity. A high percentage of you
told us that you would like to join us this year in Orlando, but that
budgets are limited. Based on your feedback and our attendance
projections, we don’t feel we can hold the quality conference we
promised you. In particular, one of the most popular aspects of the
event is your opportunity to network with fellow users and product
experts, and we don’t believe we’ll have enough customers in Orlando to
provide a valuable enough experience for you. *

*As a company, we take pride in providing quality products, services and
experiences, and I assure you that this is the only reason we’re
cancelling the event. Consona is not in any financial distress and
remains one of the most profitable and stable software vendors in the
industry. In fact, it’s costing us more to cancel the conference than it
is to hold it.

For customers who have already registered, a separate communication will
be sent to you with further instructions regarding your conference fee.

Consona Connect 2010 will be held October 12-15 at the MGM Grand Hotel
in Las Vegas, Nevada. We look forward to seeing all of you there.

Please contact your customer account manager with any additional questions.

Kind regards,

The Consona Connect Team

I found it interesting that Consona felt it necessary to mention that they are not in financial trouble. Those of us who have attended a few of these know that Consona usually reassures customers in presentations that they are financially healthy.

I can’t help but wonder how low the pre-registration numbers actually were.

Well, maybe I’ll meet more of you next year.

6 comments to Consona Connect 2009 is Cancelled.

  • roleki

    Hrm, maybe they didn’t want too many M2M 6.0 users getting together in one place.

  • Fred Crawford

    In regard to the M2M 6.0 comment, I hate to say it, but that is the same thought that I had. I know they added a lot of new features, but it is the taking away features and functions that really hurts.

  • Andrew

    Roleki, I think that is hilarious. How depressing that it was a serious comment.

  • People have asked me why I haven’t migrated yet to 6.0. The truth is that I don’t like to be on the bleeding edge as you bleed too much that way. I’m always 6 months to a year behind because things are more stable there.

  • Scott

    I never received the email. I wonder if they only sent it to the people who were signed up for the confrence.

  • James Patrick


    I know this post is a little old but I would like to ask you question about this years Consona Connect. Being I’m a new M2M admin (year or so) I have not been to one of this before and would like to know if you think it is worth the cost to go and what session might be good for a new admin.


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