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What version of Visual FoxPro are you using?

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Recently another user contacted me via e-mail to ask if they should upgrade to Visual FoxPro 9.0. They wondered if they really needed it because purchasing version 9.0 is not inexpensive (approximately $300 for the upgraded version and double that to license it outright).

I have been using VFP 6 for years and we never upgraded. As far as I know, there is only one area of Made2Manage which requires it and that is Form Customizer (FCUST). The later versions of M2M require you to use VFP 9.0 when using Form Customizer.

M2M used to instruct adminstrators to open M2M from within VFP when customizing their reports. However, they no longer do so because this process causes problems with security and permissions.

Does anyone know of a reason why you need to upgrade to VFP 9.0?

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  • I don’t know of any reason in particular why you *need* to make the upgrade, but those changes and decisions were made before I came to this company.

    If you’re still using 6 with no problems, then I see no reason why anyone else would need to do otherwise.

  • Larry

    There is one table in Shop Floor Manager, bcsharesfm.DBF, that cannot be opened with 6.0.

  • robert

    I recommend moving to VFP 9.0. There are several reports in 5.6 and later that can not be modified and recompiled in 6.0 because they use VFP commands that don’t exist in 6.0. You could write a work around for them, but that’s time consumng and may require additional VFP knowledge.

    If you’re not customizing reports, then 6.0 will work fine. Even if you are, it will work fine for a lot of reports.

    But if you do much at all in VFP, the advantage of 9.0 remembering your commands in the Command Window from previous VFP sessions is worth it.

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