Sales Order (SO) Screen Challenge

Your accounting manager comes to you with a problem. Being the stellar M2M Professional that you are, you immediately don your cape and tights. What? You don’t wear tights? Umm.. me neither… really…

Anyway, she explains to you that the terms, which are dictated by accounting, are being changed by some Sales Order Administrators that enter the orders. She can’t tell exactly why, but when this happens product is shipping out to companies who are on credit hold. This results in your company essentially giving away free product.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Therefore, she asks you affect a couple of changes. First, she doesn’t want the terms to be changed at the SO level. You must stop this from happening. Second, she would prefer that the terms still be able to be seen on that screen, just not manipulated.

Now, I’m sure most of us can do it in one way or another. For the sake of this exercise, we’ll assume that you have all of the M2M Optional Modules, but you aren’t required to use any of them. I would like you folks to comment with a proposed way to accomplish this. I want to see how many ways we can come up with.

Also, each person can only list 2 total. That way, we don’t have the first person spoiling the “game” by listing every conceivable way in the first comment. Thinking for a few minutes, I’ve already come up with 6 different ways to achieve this myself.

So, without further adieu — are you up to the challenge?

13 comments to Sales Order (SO) Screen Challenge

  • Dennis Boyle

    use VBA to disable it, and the fdecrypt function to enable it for a particular user

    thisuser = M2MApp.Eval(“fdecrypt(ouser.fcuname,’!@#$’)”)

  • Scott

    Method 1:

    Turn on ECM and find out who is making the illegal changes. Once you know who is doing it, shame them into stopping. Point it out to everyone repeatedly how they messed up and all the problems it caused. Mock them until they are so embarrassed and angry that they will never again change it.

    P.S. I don’t really recommend this but it would be effective!

  • Andrew

    Can’t you disable it using Form Customizer?

  • Dennis, good idea but it is foolproof?

    Scott, that would probably work, but I wouldn’t keep my job long. 🙂

    Andrew, how would you use FCUST to do it?

    C’mon folks… you must have other ideas how to solve this. 🙂

  • Fred Crawford

    How about in company setup (CSSALE) check the “apply credit hold” option so that sales orders for customers which are on credit hold cannot be changed to “open” status? (I was brain dead for a pretty long time in regard to this).

  • Scott

    You could always pay M2M a small fortune to do it for you.

  • Hey guys, I’ll follow up next week with my list of proposed solutions.

    @Fred I appreciate that suggestion, but what I was looking for was the ability to lock out any set of controls, not just this one. I just chose this one to give a plausible explanation as to why you would want to.

    Anyway, more to come. 🙂

  • Stephen

    I tend to like Scott’s answer. Using code (and technology in general) to limit things because of a few dumb users just adds customizations that make supporting M2M more difficult.

    Is this really a bug/feature that needs to be addressed, or would it be a better use of time to just get the SO admins’ boss on their case?

    I hate solving employee supervision problems with code.

  • We’re already using VBA code to achieve this (and more) when it comes to customer terms. The code also updates terms automatically or only enables some terms based on the customer’s credit limit, the total order value and the user entering the order (salesmen have limited terms, sales managers have some leeway while our credit department has full rights to terms).

  • Andrew

    So, when are we going to get your answers? 🙂

  • Sorry guys, I’m working on it. I hope to have it posted tomorrow.

    @Stephen I can appreciate what you are saying, but I have more control over what my computers do than what my users do. I tend to go the code route.

  • JOE

    Wow, somebody else that uses Made2Manage. I love the site, I have been using m2m for 2 years now, I am starting to grow my hair back and have came to the realization I will not be able to get the company to get rid of this application. I am stuck with it and I am going to buckle down and learn vfp.

    The information here is great, easy to access, and much more informative that the m2mexpert site. I am now watching one of the free videos from and this information is great.

    Keep up the great work and look forward to sitting down and reading all your post as time permits.



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