Whatchoo Talkin ‘Bout SAP?

Diffrent Strokes

I’ve mentioned before that Crystal Reports is a fine product, but I don’t recommend that Made2Manage customers purchase the server package. It’s expensive and their support is lacking.

However, I found out one other thing that it lacks this week. It doesn’t support usage statistics either and I cannot audit who is in the system at various times. Crystal Licenses are concurrent and if your users are not careful, they will close their browser window rather than manually logging out. This holds their license for 20 minutes by default. It’s not difficult to see that this will force you to purchase additional licenses. Apparently the Crystal Reports Server product which costs approximately $8,500 for 5 concurrent licenses does not include basic auditing. In order to get that, you must purchase their Edge Product which costs around $19,000 for 5 concurrent licenses. Both of those prices include the mandatory first year paid maintenance.

Furthermore, I learned that I was qualified to upgrade to Crystal Reports 2008 for free since I had current, paid maintenance. However, when I downloaded the latest version, I was not able to update the desktop design studio. That product was included with my XI Server package, but according to SAP was not under maintenance.

Therefore, I have the right to upgrade my server to 2008, but can not actually produce 2008 reports. Since their support has been less than satisfactory, you can imagine the response I got from my superiors when I requested that we purchase the latest desktop studio.

It was something like, “Whatchoo talkin ’bout David?”

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  • Scott

    I tried using the server functionality and never got it working right. It’s a lot easeier and cpeaper just to get the users a 3rd party viewer license.

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