“Reviewed” is not a Status.

I was in the process of waiting for M2M Tech Support to link my employer to yet another Change Request for me. When I received it, I noticed that the status said, Reviewed. What exactly does that mean? I know it means that they reviewed it, but does anyone care?

I asked the Tech what the real disposition was for the CR and he claimed not to know even though it was a few years old. I decided to browse other CR’s for the Sales Order (SO) screen and came across huge numbers of them. Many of them had other statuses such as Closed, Approved, Awaiting Approval, and Rejected.

For that matter, what does Closed mean? Awaiting Approval?

Just for fun, I looked back into the earliest CR’s and found several dating back as far as 1997 that were still in the Reviewed status.

Now, I know that M2M is not going to approve all of the change requests. However, in my opinion there should only be a few statuses. They would be something like Awaiting Review, Duplicate (for CR’s accidentally requested twice), Approved (and it should indicate a proposed release), and Rejected.

We know that the folks at Consona read this blog. Do any of you folks have other suggestions for the change request system?

4 comments to “Reviewed” is not a Status.

  • Scott

    I can tell you exatly what “reviewed” means.

    M2M has looked at the issue. They know there is a problem that should be fixed but they are unwilling to do so due to the amount of time and effort required.

    I think closed means the issue has been fixed and awaiting aproval most likely means that a low level tech confirmed the issue but does not have the authority to decide if it will be fixed.

  • Nick S

    I almost fell off my chair laughing when i saw this post 🙂 . I got into an argument with M2M tech support a few weeks ago regarding this. A proposed release date is a good idea!! SFM 1.3 HP1 is and example, the fix is HP1, but no release date is shown…

  • JeffV

    You are sooooooooooooo right about this.

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