No FastForms for you! One Year!

As a follow up to a previous post regarding FastForms issues, I decided to test “layering” of FastForms customizations. What I mean by this is to add additional database fields and controls to a screen which I had previously customized.

In the past, I didn’t trust FastForms enough to risk corrupting the customizations on my live server. My current employer does not tolerate down time whatsoever. So, my typical method is to perform the customizations on my test server then have my users test and certify that they work properly. Due to FastForms stability issues and distrust of the export/import process, I would then come in before working hours and manually recreate the customizations on my production server.

Well, this past week I decided to call M2M and get verification that I could in fact export a “layered” customization from my test server and import them to production. They confirmed that it should work and that they would be ready to assist me if it failed and corrupted my database.

So, I finally tried it, and I received the following error message.


Soup Nazi

No imports for you! One Year!

I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge, so I am testing a work around for this. If it pans out, I will post it in the very near future.

5 comments to No FastForms for you! One Year!

  • Scott

    What is the quote from?

    As agervating as it is that this does not work, I am pleasently suprised that you got a good error message. Atleast you didn’t spend a lot of time trying to figure out what you may have done wrong.

  • Scott – It’s the infamous Soup Nazi from Seinfeld.

    David, Any idea what happens to FastForms in M2M-7? Think they will be able to modify to use .net forms? Also, what do you hear about selection of a report writer in 7. Enjoy your posts.

    Rick Duffin
    Red Seal Electric

  • Scott

    Rick – Do you really think that version 7 will be in .net? If so you have way more confidence in M2M then I do.

  • Rick, I really don’t know. I’ve not heard an announcement about it. I do know that there are problems with some screens that were customized with FastForms and then migrated to 6.0. I haven’t received 6.0 yet and wouldn’t have any time to play with it anyway.

    Scott, I have reservations as to when 7.0 will be out and how well 2 different versions of M2M will co-exist on the same network.

    However, Frank said to “Trust Him.”

  • I have 6.0 up on SQL-08 (2k mode) and Server 2008. Very limited testing so far but seems good. No fastforms, only lost some minor customizations on other forms, basically just screen labels on user defined fields. I will only be modifying reports that absolutely need it since I do not want to modify all over again whenever they decide what the new report writer will be.

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