Just Call Me Dr. Mario

This is just a friendly reminder to be careful out there and not just with your e-mail.

Yesterday when I logged into Facebook, I had a message from an old friend from high school. It said the following:

it seemms youu’re reallly drrunk on thhis videeo. (Link Removed)

Since I don’t drink, I knew this was fraudulent and immediately sent a message to her suggesting she clean her machine. This is the koobface virus.

To be fair, the virus doesn’t come from Facebook. If you follow the link, you are requested to update your Flash Player and you get infected.

Facebook is taking actions to fix this problem as is evidenced by this message when I try to access my messages:


So just be sure to be cautious and not just with your e-mail.

2 comments to Just Call Me Dr. Mario

  • Tom Myers

    I’m trying to install Made2Manage v5.52 on SQL Server 2008. After filling in all of information to set up company 01 and clicking on OK, Made2Manage informs me that my ID must be a SQL Server Administrator. I am the administrator. Any thoughts?

  • Tom, I’ve run into that problem as well. Is your Network/Computer ID an admin on the local machine? I’m sorry, but other than that I’d have to play with that for awhile to give you an answer. If you like you can e-mail me at david.stein.jr [at]

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