Reality Check. Which SQL Server Version are you Using?

I spoke with someone earlier this week who is already using Version 2008 and that started me wondering what versions my readers (both of you lol) are using.

If you’re not using at least 2005, feel free to comment as to why not?

Which SQL Version are you using?

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19 comments to Reality Check. Which SQL Server Version are you Using?

  • Scott

    I still use 2000 due to the cost of upgrading. I also have plenty of other things that need my attention.

  • Jason Griffith

    My vote went for 2008 because we already have one server using it and the others will follow eventually. I believe we currently have two machines running 2005.

  • Andrew

    We are still on 2000 for money reasons.

  • Kim

    I moved to 2005 a few months ago.

  • Chaume Kaulven

    Have anyone tried using SQL Server 2005, M2M 5.5 and OS is Windows 7? I am using it right now and theres an error “Unable to create instance of class [M2MFacLocBin.clsfacility] ” everytime I open a SO, INV (forms with facility)…

  • Just found your blog today. Great stuff! I know this is an old poll but we are unfortunatly still stuck on M2M 4.01. I’m going to attempt an upgrade on a virtual test machine today to SQL 2005. I’m interested to hear if anyone else is running 4.01 with SQL 2005 (or 2008).

  • Welcome Kevin. Luckily I skipped over the 4X versions as they’re considered to be buggy and unstable. Are you on support? 4X versions should support 2000 and 2005, but not 2008.

  • mike prophet

    I know this is an older post but im having the same issues Chaume is having running the same platforms.

  • I think you’ll find that M2M 5X is not compatible with Windows 7. However, you should research Windows 7 XP Mode. I know several people who’ve had luck with that. If you’d like some assistance, feel free to contact me at David{at}made2mentor{dot}com.

  • Scott

    My company is running M2M 5.6 SP2 (customized) with a Windows 2008 server running SQL 2008 R2. We have many clients running Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bit.

    We do not run it in XP mode. However we do give admin rights to our end users and they run it with the “run as administrator” turned on. We have had some issues. Certain functions don’t work and I thing it greatly increases the amount of RBEs. I am also concerned about data corruption that may result.

    • Sue

      Is your server Windows 2008 or 2008 R2?
      And if not R2, 32 or 64 bit?
      I am looking to move a 5.60 install to a new server and would like the OS, at least, to be as up to date if possible.
      Do you feel that any of your problems are due to the server OS or SQL 2008? Or mostly Windows 7?

  • Kevin

    We were on M2M 4.01 and SQL 2000. My entire company has been running on Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit for over a year. Never had one issue. We run in XP mode as administrator.

    No longer on M2M as of August though….moved onto Oracle.

  • Scott


    My server is Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Enterprise 64 bit. I have not seen any issues caused by the server OS. However M2M has told me that they have performance problems with my setup in a test environment. I am not sure if that was due to my OS or SQL version. It could also have been the hardware they were running on it.

    Some of the Windows 7 issues we have may also be due to our customizations. We have FastForms, VBA, Form Customizer, and M2M created customizations. Our XP machines seem to work much better then Windows 7 although they of course have occasional issues also.

  • Scott


    My server is also running on VMWare currently. This of course is not supported by M2M but it seems to work ok. I am in the process of unvirtualizing it to improve permormance.

  • Curt Lankford

    I know this is a REALLY old set of posts, but I have a similar situation. Due to costs, we are running M2M version 5.51 (no support) on a Win Server 2003 Standard Edition and all our clients are XP Pro. I am being forced to upgrade clients to 7 Pro (64). When you try to install it on Win7, even with XP compat. mode, the SQL 2005 can’t install. I was wondering if anyone had ever tried to manually configure SQL 2008 to work with it? Also, the Amuyuni PDF converter kernel chokes and errors out.


  • jill P

    Curt, any luck, we need to install some windows 7 machines and wanted to know the secret to gettign 5.5.2 to work, i increased permissons to full control and still not working.

  • Rick

    We have M2M 5.60 SP3 on a server 2003 system. We succeeded in making it work with Windows 7 clients. We found they needed to be given write access to \windows\M2Mwin.ini.

    Has anyone succeeded in porting this version to a newer version of SQLServer? I understand the data requires a significant change beyond SQLServer 2012, but that is only the SQLServer issues and says nothing about whether M2M would tolerate it.

    • M2M 5.6 runs fine on SQL 2008 and SQL 2012. I run it on Windows 10 with a few quirks and some screens broken. It runs perfect on XP or Terminal Services 2003. I can provide some tips and tricks if interested.

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