MySQL – Yeah, I was wrong.

Years ago, I asked one of M2M’s senior technicians why they didn’t simply use a free database system such as MySQL. The reason being that Microsoft’s SQL licensing fees prohibit many of Made2Manage’s customers from migrating. Therefore I reasoned that if M2M had chosen MySQL instead, then by this time nearly everyone would be on a newer version and the support costs would be considerably less. Also, nearly any system must be less troublesome than Visual FoxPro.

The idea sounded plausible to me, and nobody at M2M could give me a reason why they chose MSSQL instead. Umm… yeah, I was wrong.

I came across this article regarding the latest and greatest release of MySQL.

If you take the time to read that article you will be amazed that they released a database platform in GA status which is littered with critical, crashing bugs.

Don’t expect that all critical bugs that you may have encountered in 5.0 to be fixed in 5.1. Even if we have fixed a big majority of the bugs from 5.0 some really critical ones still haven’t been addressed.
If you plan to use any of the new features of MySQL 5.1, regard these as if they would be of beta quality. Test any usage of these features extensively for in close-to-live scenarios before putting them onto a production server.

We still have 20 known and tagged crashing and wrong result bugs in 5.1 35 more if we add the known crashing bugs from 5.0 that are likely to also be present in 5.1.
# We still have more than 180 serious bugs (P2) in 5.1.

While I am often hard on the folks at M2M, they did at least call this one correctly. In terms of database systems, you obviously get what you pay for.

3 comments to MySQL – Yeah, I was wrong.

  • Jason Griffith

    Yeah, I cannot say that I am a fan of MySQL. Some of the web work that I have done in the past involved MySQL, and all of them had frequent problems with them.

  • Ray Collazo

    There are other Database systems out there other than MySQL: Theres PostgreSQL (another free but lesser known DBMS, but at the same time I almost never hear any problems with it), IBMs DB2, and of course Oracle, which isnt as expensive as an MS solution but just as supported.

    MySQL is just a simple database for the general public, and it is just as prone to errors in programming as any other program out there. Believe you me these errors wont stay for long as there are too many people whom are heavily reliant on MySQL for it to stay broken. The only difference is that (until 2008) there was no big mega corporation to complain to. Now that Sun owns it, it will be interesting to see what support options are available for it.

    I have thoroughly been a fan of Never being on the bleeding edge in the first place anyway: Developing a system on a tried system, like the version of MySQL before the current (or even two back) means that everyone else already has taken the battle scars, and you proceeding to use the stable version is quite fine and dandy.

  • Matt Jarvis

    I’m with Ray…. I’ve used mySQL over the years and liked it and never had one lick of problem. Same with PostgreSQL which I have used extensively. Now, MS SQL Server…

    The buggaboo w/ mySQL is about 3-4 years ago they changed their licensing agreement and if you weren’t *really* careful you had to pony up some cash…

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