I feel like such a SAP…

As I’ve mentioned before, I really like Crystal Reports, but their support issues continue to be a problem since they were purchased by SAP.

I recently wiped my computer at work and set about re-installing all of the software. In doing so I lost access to the SAP support website. Unfortunately, there isn’t a phone number for support anymore, and I believe my sales representative has left the company. Therefore, I was reduced to calling random sales people until I found someone who could provide my user number again. SAP doesn’t use your e-mail address or an intelligent user name, but rather a number that looks like S68700812.

Anyway, after all of this, I try to log in and this is what I get:

SAP Error

This is a multi-billion dollar technical company and their error message appears to have 3 different fonts and color schemes. I just love how SAP is asking me, “What happened?”.

As I mentioned before, Crystal used to have the best technical support I had ever seen. I guess my question for them is “What happened?”

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