Merry Christmas Everyone

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you folks a Merry Christmas and thank you for reading my ramblings.

As an adult I have to buy my own presents, so this year I bought a few things that interested me.

I bought a couple of these:


Star Wars Force Effects Light Sabers

I bought the Obi Wan and the Darth Vader Light Sabers. I’ve always wanted them and found them for half price online.

I also bought this Nintendo Neon sign I found on Craigslist.

Nintendo Neon

It’s an official Neon sign that Nintendo placed in game stores in the 90’s. Yes, I am a geek. 🙂 That particular picture isn’t of mine, but it’s the same sign.

Finally, I took Anakin, my cockatoo, to see Santa Claus to tell him what he wanted for Christmas.

Anakin and Santa

Anakin whispers in Santa’s ear.

Anakin and Santa

Anakin promised not to have an accident on Santa’s head.

Anyway, Merry Christmas Everyone.

4 comments to Merry Christmas Everyone

  • Jason Griffith

    Nice job on the Nintendo sign. I’m always drawn somewhat to the light sabers myself, but the LARPer in me says that they can’t be used so they’re not worth the price. Getting them for half price online might have been an option though if I hadn’t already spent all my money.

    I wonder if I could take my dog to see Santa. She would either attempt to lick him to death, run away terrified, or attack his beard and try to kill it. Either way, it would make for some interesting pictures.

    Merry Christmas from the panhandle!

  • Scott

    I wonder how my fish would look with santa.

  • Cricket

    Santa looks petrified.

    You really are a dork! You’re going to run out of living space soon with all your memorabilia. And no woman is going to let you hang that Nintendo sign in her house…. *giggle* Its as bad as a life size Mario staring you in the face while you….. sleep.

  • Merry Christmas Dave. The Nintendo is awsome! Thank You. I’ve been playing Super Techmo Bowl non stop on season mode. I also pick up mario bros for the girls. I’m in El Paso and it is very nice overh ere. Low 50’s. Got some cool stuff for Christmas for my guitar. I’ll see you back in the salt mine after the new year.

    Take is easy,

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