M2M Releases Version 5.6 SP3…. umm..6 weeks ago.

Let me preface this by saying that very few M2M Admins are more active than myself. I am on M2M Expert nearly every day. I found out that SP3 was released through the Los Angeles Area Made2Manage User Group on Google Groups.

Am I the only one who didn’t know SP3 was released? It wasn’t posted in the “Latest News” section, nor was there an e-mail informing admins about its release. It wasn’t posted in their own users forum either. I know it was posted in the “Latest Downloads” section, but who really checks there?

I get plenty of e-mails from M2M regarding their latest add on modules in an attempt to increase sales. How about informing us of something important via the same method?

I know that people from M2M read this blog, what do you guys think? Would you like M2M to e-mail you when they release these service packs?

2 comments to M2M Releases Version 5.6 SP3…. umm..6 weeks ago.

  • Jason Griffith

    I would certainly hope to be informed of new service packs…

  • Jason Griffith

    Apparently v6.X has also already been released, just without any official statement.

    We went ahead and signed up for it yesterday to get the newer version and will begin testing it whenever we receive it.

    And yes, we would certainly be interested in hearing about new releases when they are released rather than a few months down the line when we stumble onto it ourselves.

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