Reporting Issues When Migrating to Version 5.6

I noticed a couple of reporting issues when migrating from 5.51 to 5.6 earlier this year and I wanted to share them with you.

Let me preface this by saying that I am extremely thorough during migration testing. In a future post, I will describe the method I use when I perform a migration. My worst fear is that the migration will be successful at first glance, only to fail at a later time. I don’t want my company entering data into the latest version of M2M only to find out Monday afternoon, or perhaps later that week, that we have to do an emergency restore due to unforeseen problems and have to re-enter all that data. This is entirely possible if you have extensive customizations.

So, during the last round of migration testing, I noticed some oddities of which you should be aware. The first is just a curiosity. The Sales Order Backlog Report (RPBKLG) showed different values between 5.51 and 5.6 data. The totals were the same, but the grouping (which for some reason was by customer name) was different. When I called an implementation consultant, who is a friend of mine, he indicated I was being too paranoid and they just check the totals during a migration. A change request was entered, but most likely will not be addressed.

Secondly, the Material Requirements Planning Report (RPMRP) stopped working in version 5.6. After migration the “DEP Demand” shows 0. Apparently, someone edited the program file of this report for the 5.6 version and did not do so properly. Well, I fixed it by substituting the version 5.6 .prg and .fxp files with those from version 5.2. This is all covered by Change Request 146266 if you’d like to read about it.

Have any of you noticed anything odd when migrating to the current version of Made2Manage?

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