What do I hope to see/learn at Consona Connect 2008?

Over the years, I’ve been to many of these Users Conferences. Many of the sessions in past conferences have been the same content you could get over the net with the Made2Manage University. I’m not suggesting that the presentations weren’t done well or that the information presented wasn’t valid, it’s just that I’d seen it all before.

However, this year is supposed to be different in that the sessions will be taught by Made2Manage consultants rather than teachers. I hope this will change the content presented in turn.

So, what am I going to be doing at the conference?

  • Learning to implement Shop Floor Data Collection and Shop Floor Manager.
  • Listening about the M2M road map and the .Net future.
  • Listening to Don Rudo talk about SQL Server Administration. I suspect that I already know what he will say as I have seen at least 5 of Don’s SQL presentations. He’s a lot of fun to watch because he’s so enthusiastic and animated about it.
  • I’ll attend the Enhanced Process Flow Thru Innovative Form And Reports Design session.
  • I’ll try to get some VBA questions answered, if indeed there are answers.
  • Attending the Migrating to 6.0. presentation.
  • Networking with companies affiliated with my employer as well as with other Made2Manage admins. You can never have enough contacts in this business to help you solve problems associated with Made2Manage products.

I’m posting a picture of Anakin and I, so if any of you are going to the conference, stop me and we’ll talk.

David and Anakin

What will I not be doing this year? Mountain climbing, of course.

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