VBA and Yellow Mnemonic Inconsistencies

When a screen has been customized with VBA, the mnemonic background is yellow. The reason for this is for the admin, or Made2Manage techs, to quickly determine whether a screen has been customized or not. FastForms customizations are designated by an italicized mnemonic.

Yellow SO

Over the years, I’ve noticed a few screens which do not properly show this.

  • ABOUT – The information screen accessed at help, about.
  • ARINV – Accounts Receivable Screen.
  • SYCSL – Customer Service Request

The inconsistent behavior with the ABOUT screen doesn’t matter as I don’t know anyone who’s customized it. However, the inconsistency can be a problem for the other screens if you don’t remember it.

What other screens have you come across that don’t designate properly?

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