Free Visual FoxPro Videos

I appreciate free learning opportunities and will periodically share them with readers of this blog, both of you *grin*.

Some time ago I came across the site of Garfield Hudson. Of particular interest to me were his free VFP videos.

The videos are well done, and are worth viewing even for those who work with the SQL versions of Made2Manage. At least for the time being, Made2Manage reports are still created using Visual FoxPro. They are particularly helpful for those who started using VFP 6.0 and are now using 9.0 in that he gives a very good tour of the “new” IDE and such.

3 comments to Free Visual FoxPro Videos

  • Jason Griffith

    You can never have too much information, though you can certainly have too little. There are enough similarities between VB and VFP that I can stumble around in VFP, but I find writing the code to be more of an annoyance where VB is something I actually enjoy.

    I’ll take a look at the site/videos this week, assuming we don’t have servers crashing like we did last week.

  • I want to learn Visual Foxpro by videos

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