Code is never finished, only abandoned.

I enjoy reading a little bit right before bed, and I’m a big fan of Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers. Where else can you read short articles about Star Wars trivia, how the invention of currency came about, and the famous hoaxes of the last century all in one sitting?

Bathroom Reader

Anyway, I found the following quote in the book pictured above.

A poem is never finished, only abandoned.- Paul Valery
French critic & poet (1871 – 1945)

I marked it because it made me think about the way I work with code. Whether I’m creating VFP or Crystal Reports, writing VBA code, or transact SQL, I regularly go back and improve my work.

There are several things which may trigger me to do so. I may have learned a new programming technique or perhaps something just flashes in my mind and I realize a better way to do something I’ve done in the past. I feel compelled to go back and “fix it.”

It’s this commitment to constant improvement which makes you a better admin and programmer.

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