This makes me see red.

Red Box Error

If you haven’t seen this error, then you haven’t been working with Made2Manage long enough. In case anyone reading this hasn’t seen it, the error indicates that the expected printer name wasn’t found. The most common cause is when a user saves their printer of choice in the printer setup of a Made2Manage report. This would be convenient if it wasn’t a global setting thereafter for every user who runs the report. Any user who doesn’t have “Daves Printer” installed on his machine gets this error, which is fairly useless because it tells the user basically nothing. However, to Made2Manage’s credit, the answer is found in their knowledge base.

Can’t these preferences be kept per user, or per machine, to avoid these hassles?

Typically, people save their printer preferences inside a report because they always print a particular report on that printer. Perhaps the printer is their local printer (which often causes 1957) or a specialized printer such as dot matrix. You can get almost the same functionality by always printing to the “Default” printer.

To quickly change your default printer, try the following:

  • Click Start, then Printers and Faxes (in Windows XP) to show your current printers.
  • Right click and drag create a shortcut to your printers on the desktop.
  • Right click on the desktop shortcuts, and choose “Set as Default.”

Putting them on the desktop gives you quicker access to them while running reports, and allows you more flexibility without running into the annoying red box error.

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  • Scott

    My users run into this error a lot due to ZetaDocs. Our invoices are set to print a phisical copy and a copy to ZetaDocs. Anyone who does not have Zetadocs installed gets this message. My users are so use to it now that they simply ignore it.

    I agree that printer settings should be configurable by user. However on the whole this is not one of my biggest issues with M2M. It inconviences my users slightly but they understand what causes it and go on with thier work. Many other issues I come across are inexplicable and not reproducable. These require M2M support to fix and therefore take a lot longer to resolve.

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